EASY for SHAREPOINT perfectly links SharePoint document structures to legally compliant storage in EASY ENTERPRISE. Proprietary SharePoint masks (Web Parts) enable accessing all company archives and EASY workflows directly from the SharePoint interface. Integration with the Microsoft Search Server’s enterprise-wide search round off this solution.

EASY for SHAREPOINT is an integrated document management and archive solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. It supports both SharePoint Services and SharePoint Server products. Two different EASY for SHAREPOINT versions take into account the different options of use within the SharePoint environment.

EASY for SHAREPOINT ACCESS provides access to company archives directly from the SharePoint interface. Besides a Web client, archive lists provide an alternative option for archive access.

Connection to Microsoft Enterprise Search not only facilitates integration with the SharePoint Federated Search, it also represents a simple search option directly from the browser or from Windows 7.

Moreover, EASY for SHAREPOINT ENTERPRISE provides a flexible, customizable connection between SharePoint libraries or lists and EASY ENTERPRISE to enable specific storage of documents in predefined archives, either via SharePoint workflow or via an archive rule. Different Web Parts enable creating user-specific retrieval scenarios without additional programming. Integration of the well-established EASY DOCUMENTS module takes process-oriented workflow to SharePoint; in doing so, the entire range of solutions for EASY DOCUMENTS can be reverted to.


Your benefits


  • Legally compliant archiving for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Seamless integration with the SharePoint interface
  • Ready to use for users


  • EASY for SHAREPOINT is the ideal ECM framework for the Microsoft Dynamics environment
  • Graphically model complex business processes, and control them directly from the SharePoint interface
  • Interactive data exchange with third-party applications


  • Eases the SharePoint load by referencing to stored documents
  • Integral user authentication: additional login to the archive unnecessary

The metadata base shared by Microsoft SharePoint and EASY ENTERPRISE is the core of EASY for SHAREPOINT. This allows you to build a solid infrastructure enabling transparent and secure data exchange between the two systems at the touch of a button. Integration with SharePoint workflow enables flexible deployment scenarios, from ad hoc archiving through to integration into the SharePoint Records Center. Complete libraries or lists can also be easily archived.

The EASY for SHAREPOINT Web Parts can communicate with the Web Parts from other manufacturers. This allows simple building of user-specific solutions, entirely without communication. For instance, connect a CRM Web Part to the EASY Archive library or display the archived documents to the selected record. Complex queries can be easily created and hidden from the end-user; topical cockpit information can be realized that easy.


EASY for SHAREPOINT does not contain a connector for SharePoint Federated Search. Thus, EASY ENTERPRISE can be searched from SharePoint as one of multiple sources at the same time. Moreover, the EASY search can be accessed directly from the Web browser’s search field or from Windows7.


The successful EASY DOCUMENTS workflow engine can be seamlessly integrated with SharePoint. Established solution packages such as EASY CONTRACT for contract management or EASY RECORDS for HR for the personnel file are also available for SharePoint.

Last but not least, seamless integration of EASY for SHAREPOINT with the SharePoint administration enables simple and easy-to-use configuration options for the administrator.

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