EASY for DYNAMICS NAV – Creating Synergies


EASY for DYNAMICS NAV is the perfect extension to Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This enterprise content management solution supports all business processes; it archives both incoming and outgoing documents in a legally compliant manner.

EASY for DYNAMICS NAV facilitates accelerating processes in the accounting department. Incoming documents, such as invoices or delivery notes, can be entered via a central station on arrival, and stored in the EASY ENTERPRISE archive. Thanks to its deep integration, they can be directly displayed from the NAV client for processing in Dynamics NAV. This allows business users to keep using their traditional work environment. Various scenarios such as early or late capture with or without barcode are intended by default. Information gained in the scan process is automatically transferred to Dynamics NAV.

Outgoing documents can also be stored in company archives. This can be performed fully automatically without user actions. In addition to documents, metadata is passed on to the archive, so the information can be searched/retrieved from any EASY application (such as Microsoft SharePoint).

EASY for DYNAMICS NAV fully integrates with the EASY ENTERPRISE ECM environment. In this way, EASY CAPTURE or workflow solutions including EASY DOCUMENTS perfectly round off integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Your beneftis


  • Revision-proof document storage for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Legally compliant archiving of business documents
  • Access to all business documents in mere seconds
  • Tried and tested solution


  • Posting incoming documents via early or late scan scenarios
  • Supporting barcode scenarios
  • Storing outgoing documents in different company archives
  • Automatic inheritance of additional business information


  • Complete integration with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface
  • Supporting the Dynamics NAV Role Tailored client
  • Integrated archive search

If you want to scan incoming documents at an early stage, i.e. prior to posting, they will be pre-entered via EASY CAPTURE. EASY CAPTURE’s versatile automatic indexing procedures such as barcode and OCR recognition, document classification, database lookup, etc. are available for this.

Next, the documents are automatically posted by EASY for DYNAMICS NAV, where Dynamics NAV inherits the pre-entered values. You can also add scanned documents or any other data files to existing Dynamics NAV accounting records. When posting incoming documents in Dynamics NAV, they can, given a barcode, be automatically linked to the corresponding accounting record after scanning.


In addition to the ordinary print operation, all outgoing Dynamics NAV documents are entered as a PDF file, and automatically archived full text indexed. These documents can be searched from Dynamics NAV or other EASY ENTRPRISE clients.

Optionally, other documents can be added to this process. Additional storage in paper form is no longer required.


EASY for DYNAMICS NAV provides an integrated archive client that allows quick access to company archives. Thus, information not immediately related to Dynamics NAV can be directly accessed.

If a full text search also retrieves Dynamics NAV documents, the corresponding Dynamics NAV accounting record can be opened directly from the search mask.

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