With its EASY for DYNAMICS AX module, EASY SOFTWARE provides an ECM solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. EASY for DYNAMICS AX supports processing incoming and outgoing documents. This improves and accelerates the business processes of an organization.

EASY for DYNAMICS AX is used for legally compliant storage of all incoming and outgoing documents in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Seamless integration of this software with the Microsoft Dynamics AX interface provides optimum support of your business processes, as well as maximum ease of operation. The archive is accessed intuitively from any work context, so effective use without extensive training is possible.

EASY for DYNAMICS AX provides various scenarios for incoming documents. These documents can be centrally scanned, and then directly processed in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The AX accounting record is then automatically linked to the archived document. Alternatively, posted originals can be given a barcode. Following the scan process, they are then automatically linked to the corresponding accounting record in Dynamics AX.

Moreover, the option to store outgoing documents in various company archives, depending on document type, is available. A supplement through additional business information can be freely defined. This makes company data also available outside of Microsoft Dynamics AX. The data can then be further processed in any company process, for example.

EASY for DYNAMICS AX has been designed to enable safe and quick processing of huge amounts of documents.


Your benefits


  • Revision-proof document storage for Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Legally compliant archiving of business processes
  • Posting incoming documents via early or late scan scenarios
  • Supports barcode scenarios
  • Stores outgoing documents in different company archives
  • Automatic transfer of additional business information


  • Complete integration with the Microsoft AX interface
  • Administration directly in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Access to all business documents in mere seconds

EASY for DYNAMICS AX enables efficient processing of incoming and outgoing documents in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The interface provides close interleaving with EASY ENTERPRISE.x; it has been designed to process huge amounts of documents.

EASY for DYNAMICS AX supports assigning different document types to different archives. Assigning index fields to an archive schema can be freely configured here. The outgoing documents are available to authorized users of the EASY ECM immediately on archiving.

EASY CAPTURE is used to enter incoming paper documents, which are then directed to Microsoft Dynamics AX for posting. All archived documents are linked with the Microsoft Dynamics AX accounting record, and can be opened directly from the AX interface. In practice, two different procedures emerged for optimum support of business processes.

Early scanning is performed immediately after the documents arrive. They are centrally scanned, and archived immediately. This ensures revision-proof archiving from the Inbox. So the first few pieces of information can be extracted during the scan process.

All new, incoming documents are displayed by Microsoft Dynamics AX, and can be manually posted.

Late scanning supports the established processes of an organization. Incoming documents continue to iterate through the default stages throughout the organization. While capturing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, documents are given unique IDs, which are docked on the documents as barcodes. The barcode is read during the scan process that follows, and automatically linked to the accounting record in Dynamics AX.

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