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EASY View is the technical component for faithful and fast representation of documents of a wide range of file formats. This technology works server-based, therefore eliminating the need for additional installation effort. Whether it’s reading, printing, scaling, or thumbnail generation – EASY View is the viewing partner for more than 300 file formats.

Faithful representation at minimum expenditure

Documents and attachments to documents frequently come in a wide range of partially exotic file formats. To display them requires the corresponding traditional applications, which must be installed separately on each client. This involves great administrative effort, often causing additional licensing costs.
A single technical component is capable of resolving this issue: EASY View facilitates faithful and rapid representation of a wide range of file formats, with rendering taking place on the server side here. This allows representing documents converted to representable formats in the Web client and on phone-based devices, eliminating the need for installing additional software.

Turning 300 formats into a single one: EASY view, the “all-in-one reader”

EASY View converts more than 300 different formats, some of which are seldom used, including for example Microsoft Office formats, Open Office formats, image formats, e-mail formats, and AutoCAD. But it provides configurable additional adapters also for formats that are not supported. EASY View also supports batch conversions. The customizable mechanisms for load-balancing guarantee high processing speed.
The target format to which documents are converted can also be selected and defined from various formats: PDF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF.

More functions

EASY View allows you to not only view but also print almost any file formats: EASY View simply provides graphical annotations and scales, e.g. size variations or rotation. Moreover, EASY View is suited for generating thumbnails.

Your benefits
  • The use of EASY View includes many advantages and savings potential.
  • EASY View’s excellent performance immediately increases user efficiency.
  • Maintenance and administrative effort remain low because all customizations are made on the server side.
  • Its great level of faithful representation enables rapid and safe navigation even in extensive documents; it has a positive effect on efficiency, and at the same time can increase employee satisfaction.
  • Fewer license costs may accrue because you no longer need to install any applications to represent various formats.
  • The same viewer can be used for all supported file formats.

Features und Functions

Properties and benefits

  • Server-side rendering (processing for viewing)
  • Viewing via Web client on the desktop or phone-based device using the corresponding viewers
  • Performance: High speed
  • Security: Highest level of representation fidelity
  • User experience: Simple navigation within documents
  • Documents can simply be printed
  • Thumbnail generation
  • Batch conversions
  • Maximum integration with EASY DOCUMENTS

Converting more than 300 document formats (EASY View Plus)

  • Microsoft Office formats
  • Open Office formats
  • Image formats
  • E-Mails
  • AutoCAD
  • Configurable additional adapters can be provided for unsupported formats

Target formats used for output

  • PDF
  • TIFF (also multipage)
  • JPEG (optional)
  • PNG (optional)

The EASY View server

  • Increased stability (high failover)
  • Load-balancing capability
  • HTTP streaming
  • Multi-threading
  • Cluster-capability
  • Load-balancing
  • Batch converter for additional formats
  • Proprietary installer for components without EASY ENTERPRISE.x

Scope of the basic package

EASY View comes in two versions:

  • EASY View Basic
  • EASY View Plus

Additional features for EASY View Plus

  • More convertible file formats
  • Increased processing speed
  • Maximized representation fidelity
  • Output format optionally PDF or Image format (e.g. multipage TIFF)

Basic versus Plus

Basic Plus
Engine Open Office, Image Magic, Ghost Script ORACLE Outside in
Faithful representation High Maximized
Performance Medium Very high
Supported file formats Essentially, MS Office (some), Open Office, image formats. (e.g. no mail formats) More than 300 formats. Supports all essential formats. (Details on request)
Output formats Default: JPEG others available Default: PDF, TIFF others available
Ongoing development Standard maintenance Active ongoing development Projected: Deploying an optimized HTML5 viewer

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