Pre-Release of EASY ECM Suite: Less Complexity, More Benefits

At Partner Information Day on January 27, 2015, EASY lifted the veil on EASY ECM Suite for the first time and presented its key features. The following 22 weeks will be dominated by preparations for pre-releasing the first “complete suite” in 25 years of company history.

22 weeks

22 weeks is not a long time – at least not when you consider how much has been on the agenda of colleagues participating in EASY. Finally, it is necessary among other things to implement feedback, suggestions and requests that EASY’s team partners provided on January 27.

And the team delivered: On June 30, 2015, the start of marketing coincided with the webcast about pre-release 15.1. Everything needed for this is now ready: The pre-release itself with which the partner can explore the solution; new training modules, extranet which acts as a central communication and deployment platform for partners and last but not least a radically simplified and purged price list with new billing models.


ECM Suite technology transformed into benefits

Thomas Cziesla, Head of Portfolio Management at EASY, brought it in a nutshell to the partner event on June 30: ECM Suite technology transformed into benefits. Thus, webcast viewers were impressed by the presentations that concentration on a few – thereby central – DMS modules leads to a high degree of integration and is clearly more user-friendly.


Simple Setup

This starts with the setup: A clear and quick installation routine for EASY modules, third-party applications and relational database – more is simply not necessary. In just 30 to 40 minutes all components are installed, including standard base configurations.


Client with Responsive Design

Another example: The new Client. The central control element based on HTML 5 is thanks to responsive design fully mobile capable and comes with small changes, so that it is a great value proposition. It allows direct access to edit boxes without going through an “edit button” and has a drop zone for file attachments.


Price list takes paradigm shift

More clarity, greater benefits and simplicity – what EASY ECM Suite promises applies consequently also for the pricing model. Therefore, from now there is a new price list. It replaces the old price list for a transitional period through October. The idea was to develop a price list that the customer only needs to open in order to know what investment it makes. No sooner said than done: With EASY ECM Suite, EASY has shelved the single- and multi-user models. Now there is only a single Client, whether for archiving dms-function.


Planning made easy

New features include four different large-sized business packages with quotas for users, documents and workflows that can be expanded flexibly on interfaces to ERP or additional functionalities. It’s never been easier for the end user to plan its present and future needs. Furthermore, planning and implementing projects should be significantly more efficient with the new price list.


Future goal faster

The pre-release has proven: EASY ECM Suite brings together all major DMS functionalities in one powerful and efficient, perfectly coordinated package. It provides significant improvements and more quality. It allows planning projects faster than previously and directing them to the goal.