EASY and Cronon Seal Partnership

EASY SOFTWARE AG and Cronon AG are cooperating to allow their customers a convenient and fast connection of Infor LN/Baan systems to advanced document management systems.

Quick transport …

Cronon AG has developed a universal document management interface (uDMS) that is primarily used for EASY customers to link document management systems (DMS) easily and quickly to Infor LN/Baan systems. Different DMS workflow components can also be connected using uDMS.

… Up to the full implementation

Apart from connecting by means of uDMS to Infor LN/Baan, Cronon assumes complete implementation of EASY document management systems. First launches by customers are already planned.

Value for customers

“Partnering with EASY means a user-friendly and above all fast connection of Infor LN/Baan systems to advanced document management systems for our customers. This is an added value for our customers, who can use it to manage their documents in and out of Infor LN/Baan more effectively,” say Eduard Postrak and Ingo Wollschläger, members of the Cronon Executive Board and Head of Cronon AG’s ERP consulting for future cooperation with EASY.

Optimising document-based processes

On the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, EASY SOFTWARE AG offers user-oriented document management software for major operating systems, working environments and file formats. At the same time, EASY is able to provide a tailored solution for optimising document-based processes for every industry and companies of all sizes.