Holiday time! And who takes the helm?

The big holidays have arrived – and with them the time of absence messages. In no other period of the year does one obtain seemly often the well-meaning note that the original addressee is away and in his place another colleague is taking care of the requests. For this, the work really starts.


Holiday representation? The colleague is doing it!

The keywords are transfer and knowledge management. It would be desirable if one colleague could stand in for the other at any time. If, in a few seconds, he could provide information on all operations, including received requests. If he could process customer inquiries so that the concern is not only answered quickly, but ideally the customer is satisfied.

However, the ideal is often far removed from reality. Thus, the answer probably is: “Can you call back in two weeks?” Or “I cannot find the transaction.” Another conceivable answer is: “But this can take a while.”


Employees under permanent stress

What is likely to cause customer frustration also leads to negative consequences for employees. Because colleagues often are already adequately occupied with their own duties. Add to this the work of the employee who currently stretches out in the sun, and it quickly leads to the feeling of overwork and excessive demands.

Especially when it suddenly and unexpectedly comes to really important things, such as to contractual matters, invoices or delivery times. Because in such cases, a delay can quickly result in financial consequences. Thus, it often happens that the fever pitch rises for the “colleagues back home” and it is hectic in the hallways when for example searching for the final version of a document or another file.


Too bad about the nice time

All that is then literally wasted time. Not to speak of all the excitement. And it is all the more deplorable when it could be produced easily with maximum transparency using central ECM. Always able to provide information. So much so that only employees with appropriate authorisation can have a look at the relevant documents.


and superfluous as a goiter

Quintessentially, it could be so simple. Maybe the summer holidays are a good opportunity to familiarise oneself with the possibilities of an ECM. Because it keeps the company manoeuvrable – especially during the holiday season.