Electronic invoices: Rather go on the safe side

Whoever shops at large online retailers, receives – similar to many other sellers – increasingly an electronic invoice. Even among industrial suppliers and producers, the use of electronic invoicing rises – because the formula is simple: use = benefits. However, one must do his homework when archiving – print and file is not enough (anymore).


Check, check, check …

On the one hand it is necessary to examine the bill: Is its authenticity guaranteed? Does it comply with the formal requirements for an invoice? Clear, this step is not substantially different from the previous practice on paper. But for the purpose of better readability, many employees print out the electronic invoices for checking – and thus cause expenses.


Archiving – the right way

The biggest uncertainty is archiving. This is because many places still don’t know how to archive correctly. For anyone who thinks that printing and filing the bill is sufficient it could end up to be expensive during a tax audit. This is because the invoice recipient is obliged to keep the original file readable for a period of ten years. Whereby “readable” means: He must also keep and operate the programs that are necessary for presenting those files for this time. Not only that, he must document the process that the bill has gone through in its digital processing, storage and archiving and keep the relevant information together with the invoice.


E-invoicing solution helps

If you are now wondering how to accomplish all this, how you get safe ground under your feet, the answer does not lie in the absence of electronic invoices. Especially considered realistically, it is also little pragmatic. The solution is rather: Make an electronic invoice. For such a solution largely automates the activities mentioned and produces legal certainty. From examining the legal requirements, such as from the tax number on the invoice, etc. to the legally compliant archiving of e-mail and all required documentation. Along the way, you make your business more profitable and efficient. Three “flies” with one swatter – could you really want more?