EASY ECM Suite: New product launched

Der Startschuss für die neue EASY ECM Suite ist gefallen: Am vergangenen Dienstag haben wir die Partner der EASY SOFTWARE AG über alle wichtigen Daten und Fakten rund um den Pre-Release der EASY ECM Suite 15.1 informiert.


Premiere for a suite

This is also a premiere for EASY: For the first time in our company history, we are offering a suite. But we gladly took on this challenge because, as Thomas Cziesla, Manager Portfolio Management at EASY, said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. In other words, consistently merging historically grown products and new approaches turned out to be a major challenge.


Great potential, and a clear mission

This merging serves a good cause. After all, the new EASY ECM Suite provides the potential for establishing itself in enterprises as a key information hub – in the sense of an integrative platform for enterprise content management – and particularly for optimizing document-intensive business processes. The EASY ECM Suite facilitates and provides, among others:

  • Reproducing the complete life cycle of documents in enterprises
  • Extensive functionality and intuitive use
  • Deep integration capability with the respective system environment
  • Rich user experience
  • Flexible file structures
  • Transparent representation of all relevant information in enterprises
  • Capable interfaces


High usability

Our new Web client essentially contributes to the EASY ECM Suite’s extraordinary usability. During its development, there was a special focus was on questions of how to install software more conveniently and how to customize is more easily? Our answer: EASY Setup and activities for deeper integration of Archive in DMS.


That which belongs together will grow together

Moreover, for the EASY ECM Suite we merge functions that belong together. This means that we are moving away from piecemeal features towards individual solution packages which already include all relevant functionalities. So in the future, for example, the LDAP functionality will always be automatically included when it comes to digitizing business processes.


Entry level Best Practice

With our Best Practice solutions, we provide, moreover, different entry levels for our customers. This means that we offer EASY SOFTWARE customers an economic and attractive entry into the ECM world without incurring tremendous costs for step-by-step rollout. Thus, for instance, we will in future provide individual workflows. This allows our customers to digitize their initial business process already requiring minimum investment – with digitizing the next process to follow six months later, for example. So our customers are themselves in control of both speed and degree of digitization, given maximum flexibility.


More information about the EASY ECM Suite

More information about the new EASY ECM Suite can be found on our Website at http://www.easysoftware.us/ecm-modules/?lang=en as well as – for EASY partners – on our extranet at https://extranet.easy.de. More details and actual contents on the EASY ECM Suite will follow, e.g. at EASY World 2015 on September 22 and 23, 2015 at Stadthalle (Guildhall) Mülheim, Germany. See you!