Digitizing: Well scanned is half the battle

More and more companies are saying goodbye to paper by feeding documents into digital workflows and archives. So long as the documents are entered digitally, it’s perfect. However, if they roll in on paper, it takes reasonable hardware and software to provide the digital data contained. The important thing, however, is that even at the beginning the course will be set for the quality of the entire workflow.


Data quality from the very beginning
Reliable processes, clean data transfer interfaces, efficiency – all this depends on two factors that occur at the beginning of the process chain. The scan must have the required quality and the extraction solution has to reliably read the data and send it onto other applications. It is important to implement these early process steps cleanly.


Reduce reworking
Here, there is a very obvious indicator for the interaction of hardware and software: The cost of corrections. It is ideal when employees at scanning work stations take notice of the scanning result and/or the resulting data set and determine if all data have been correctly identified and handed over, perhaps to SAP. The correction effort should be kept within very tight limits.

Centralized or decentralized?
Often companies are also faced with the question whether they should introduce central scanner work stations that capture all incoming documents and feed them into the workflow. Alternative consideration: Installing scanners at the departmental level or on the computers of individual employees. Which is better? The answer is quite simple: It depends on the company, processes, procedures and local conditions. Many times, hybrids are needed where general input and remote scanning are done on central scanning work stations, which are used when needed – whether in the same office or in branch offices. Important in all this is: For all work stations, the quality has to be right and the users must come to uniform results without extensive training.

Consider relationships
Whoever regards scanning and handing over to the workflow as an unimportant or even lapidary activity should reconsider this attitude. Since a chain is only as strong as its weakest link – especially a process chain.