“Digitizing midsize businesses”: EASY at day of action organized by IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) Essen

The title of this event of June 18, 2015 already revealed the event’s focus: “Digitization in business: e-invoices, scanning, electronic billing, and archiving”.


Increasing efficiency and reducing costs

90 registrations for this event were not only proof of a huge interest but also of the extent to which enterprises have acknowledged electronic invoice processing as a possibility to increase efficiency and reduce costs. The event, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics, was opened in a keynote speech by Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Haug, secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. Following this, the presentations from the regional revenue office and management consulting provided an extensive overview of finance and audit related aspects.


EASY tips for successful experience

With his presentation “Digital processing of invoices: Its technical implementation and practical application”, Dirk Hupperich, head of Sales Service at EASY, provided answers to which requirements need to be made for successful digitization in enterprises and how these can be successfully implemented in business practice. The attendants used the intervals between presentations to exchange information with the speakers on the respective individual requirements.