ORDAT User Conference: Shaping the future together

At the Congress Centre Marburg, around 150 participants learned about current trends and future-oriented innovations. As part of the exhibition, EASY existing customers and those who want to be in the future were given the opportunity to learn about archiving and DMS functionalities in conjunction with ORDAT FOSS ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX.


New solution as of summer

And: In keeping with the theme of this year’s conference, EASY is currently also developing a new solution for digital processing of incoming invoices in conjunction with ORDAT FOSS ERP. In cooperative partnership, EASY will market this solution as of summer and introduce it to people responsible for commercial software, especially ORDAT FOSS customers. Thus, much is revealed here in advance: Direct access to EASY ENTERPRISE Archive is possible within the ORDAT FOSS ERP application. Users can, for example, display documents associated with a process very easily.