Collaboration: More than a Buzzword

Collaboration is currently one of the planning themes in industry. But unlike with some other buzzwords, there really is something in this one – otherwise EASY would not have incorporated collaboration as an important requirement into the development of its new ECM Suite.


Barriers are Obsolete

Finally, borders are rapidly disappearing from our economy. For a long time it has no longer been a privilege for businesses to have branch offices in one or more countries. Medium-sized companies too, often work crossing boundaries, whether it is with Partners or with their own sister companies abroad. Or with branch offices at home.


Relevant for Corporations and SMEs

What, for corporations has long been customary – the implementation of a collaborative strategy – is often missing from SMEs. Here also it not always easy to find the best for a job in one location. And collaboration is needed to manage a project – whether in development, marketing, logistics, purchasing or production. Similarly it applies even if experts are not based at different locations with, possibly, different time zones, and moreover, in different departments.


Social Collaboration – Use the Knowledge of All

With this comes a further facet of collaboration that can also speed up routines – social collaboration. Thanks to it, employees can share knowledge, bring ideas and developments into the company to bring adjustments, gather comments and much more. So quasi “collective intelligence” is brought to a company. Who would have thought that finding a suitable solution could be so simple.