EASY in use worldwide – now also at Turkish Airlines Technical Services


EASY solutions enjoy worldwide confidence. And confidence is a very particular issue, where the processes and associated documentation in airplane maintenance are concerned – as with our new client, Turkish Airlines Technical Services, THY Technics for short. Alongside maximum flight safety EASY’s software will make a major contribution to optimising maintenance costs.

The functionality and flexibility of EASY solutions, particularly, EASY ENTERPRISE.x, and EASY CAPTURE, in combination with the consulting expertise of EASY’s Turkish colleagues, including managing director Süreyya Ecevit and technical director, Yunus Emre Yildiz, have won over, in the literal sense of the word, THY Technics.

This is quoted in the positive interim results of our new client:
„Working with EASY Turkey was a great and enlightening experience. With their positive, can-do attitude, combined with their vast knowledge of the subject, and prompt and industry best approaches, EASY made the transition to an advanced, modern and secure set of solutions almost trivial. As Turkish Technic, we hope to extend this collaboration in the future, and will be quite happy to continue to work with EASY.“

In the first phase the available, maintenance-related documents were scanned and archived. Connecting and integrating this into maintenance software, allowed the retrieval of flight data. In the second phase the software recognises and indexes documents automatically.

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