EASY from the Cloud for greater flexibility


With the EASY ECM Suite, a new way of thinking is taking hold in two different ways at EASY: On the one hand, because the Suite provides a central application for every function. Thus is guarantees the perfect interplay of all software modules and allows for a single set-up for the complete Suite.


Quick and easy to scale

However, at the same time, EASY is making a paradigm shift: For the first time, EASY is offering new Cloud and online services in addition to the traditional on-premise model, and, as such, is capturing new market shares. For companies who until now have considered the introduction of an ECM system to be too costly and time-intensive, the fast distribution and provision of EASY Cloud solutions is of particular interest. Another benefit of the ECM Suite from the Cloud is the fact that the solution can be scaled quickly and easily: After all, companies do not need to provide any of their own IT resources for this. There is also less of a need for on-site personnel to administer the operating platform and the associated solutions.


Flexible and powerful

With EASY ECM from the Cloud, companies benefit from a powerful ECM Suite that can be adapted to suit the current needs thanks to the flexible service models. And all of this without the need to increase your IT spend. In fact, the opposite is actually true: Instead of having to invest, companies only have to pay for operating costs.

The EASY Cloud and Online Service Suite encompasses a wide range of solutions: The services include Archive, Capture, Output Management, OCR and Classification. The associated data management services provide Collaboration, Dashboard, Discovery and Record Management. EASY provides configuration tools, as well as tools for authorisation management, monitoring and accounting, for all three components of the Online Suite. And in the Solutions area, you can find archiving solutions for Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce, as well as a HR Suite and invoice solution.


German data processing centres

But what about data security? After all, that is the issue that has been putting many companies off using the Cloud to date. The answer: EASY solutions from the Cloud satisfy the highest security standards – and, together with its provision partners, EASY guarantees a high level of availability around the clock, as well as data storage solely at German data processing centres. And everything is certified by SAP and KPMG.

EASY Cloud Services: As flexible and secure as the Cloud can be.