Trainer, overhead projector, whiteboard etc.: How EASY trains its partners and customers

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EASY products are extremely easy to use – a characteristic that has always represented one of the most important benefits of the solutions from Mülheim. But, needless to say, complex background processes are also taking place, albeit largely unnoticed. As such, administrators and consultants need specific know-how – and EASY offers this too: Product training sessions in the Mülheim training centre provide the required level of detailed knowledge in one- to four-day seminars.


An ideal learning environment

If you are thinking back to your own school days or university life, of blackboards and overhead projectors, you are wide of the mark – when it comes to technology, the EASY training centre leads the way. The centre is home to three seminar rooms, which provide an ideal learning environment – an environment that is often just not available at the participants’ own work stations. “During a training session, it is important that you can focus on the material being taught – this is often not possible in your own office, partly because nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to steal some time away from your own work – even if it is just for one day”, explains EASY training director Hermann Werntgen. “That is one of the reasons as to why 90 percent of all EASY training sessions take place in Mülheim an der Ruhr.”


Learning in small groups

And that is not all: EASY training sessions are limited in the number of participants. Thus, there are three rooms: two for eight participants and one for four participants, plus room for a trainer. The reason behind these limitations is not to do with the available space, explains Werntgen. “The larger the group, the more difficult it is to concentrate. Our experience also shows that it makes sense didactically to not teach more than eight participants at once when it comes to technical topics.


The latest technology

And then there is the technical support: The trainers sweep through their presentations on interactive whiteboards, just like they would on their mobile phones; they can enlarge details with a single gesture, or present the most important points on a virtual flipchart, which is then made available as a PDF at the end of the session. “It is no longer necessary for each participant to bring their own laptop; each participant is provided with a modern standalone PC” says EASY training director Herrmann Werntgen. “Our many years of experience have taught us that the latest equipment helps to guarantee the best training results – at the end of the day, everything has to run smoothly on the day.”


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