Medium-sized companies: Digital transformation requires new organisation

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Digitalisation demands changes to processes in every department, regardless of the company size. But what effect does this have on the organisational structures of companies – or on internal communication? Do these also need to be adapted?

The answer is: Yes. A study by the InterSearch Executive Consultants entitled “Digitale Transformation und ihre Auswirkung auf die Führung im Mittelstand” (Digital transformation and its effects on management in medium-sized companies) has discovered that many business leaders see a need for action here. The consultancy surveyed over one hundred decision-makers from companies with over 100 employees.


Data drives decisions…

According to the study, over 80 percent of the decision-makers surveyed think that internal communication will get considerably quicker as a result of digitalisation. 80 percent see knowledge management and know-how as a key success factor for the future. And 75 percent state clearly: IT must be brought closer to other departments. Finally, two thirds are very aware that: In the future, decisions will be driven by one thing above all else: data.


…and data will determine the success

The problem, however: Only a small number of the companies surveyed actually act accordingly. Less than one quarter of companies have a structure that allows production and marketing departments, for example, to work closely with IT. The computer-aided archiving, availability and provision of information and know-how also needs action. Even amongst medium-sized companies in the ITC and finance industries, only 25 percent of companies have a knowledge management system in place. And even the industry that considers innovation, flexibility and speed to be its greatest assets is way behind when it comes to digital transformation.


Companies need solutions – and support

As such, it is now time to move up a gear. Good partners are ready to assist medium-sized companies and to ensure that they can jump on the transformation wagon before it is too late. The required technology for process management, automation and data provision has been available for a long time now. And, just like the EASY ECM Suite, above all, they are scalable, simple and, with the new payment models and availability via the Cloud, they are most certainly helpful for medium-sized companies too.