On-premise meets on demand: Why EASY is relying on hybrid solutions

ECM hybrid-loesung_720

Many a company decision-maker has already racked their brains about whether they should follow an on-premise or on-demand model. The best answer lies in a simple question: Why not utilise the benefits of both worlds, with a hybrid strategy? Especially as these two worlds address different target groups – and thus allow partners to target more customers.

Digital transformation: Not a question of size

For a long time now, the size of a company has been irrelevant when it comes to the need for digitalisation. Digital transformation is a must for all companies, regardless of their size and industry, in order to remain competitive in the future. The result: Different sourcing and service models are developing in smaller companies too.

This development represents a clear market potential for EASY and EASY partners. For, in addition to the classic on-premise models, a new target group is coming into focus: Companies for which ECM has not even been considered to date as a result of their sizes and internal structures. But companies for which it would be worthwhile to introduce an ECM – so long as the ECM suits the requirements profile of the company.

Slimline, scalable, cost-cutting

That is why EASY has developed an ECM from the Cloud – a supply model that promises an especially quick implementation, that can be adapted to suit the size of the company in question, and that can grow in line with requirements. It is a model that does not require any additional investments in hardware, operation and personnel, because the Cloud provides all of the necessary components. Investments and amortisations are not required. Usage can be covered by operating costs alone.

A targeted market approach

The EASY ECM Suite Cloud offers an especially interesting distribution model for EASY business partners: the Business Cloud Partner Services. As part of this product, partners provide their customers with ECM Cloud services based on the EASY product range – whether on their own platform or via external hosting or housing from the partner.

Certified security

EASY carefully examines the relevant platforms in advance. Once testing has been completed successfully, a certificate confirms to the partner that the platform fulfils EASY’s strict quality and security requirements, and also serves as an additional proof of quality for the customer.

Customer retention included

Incidentally: The EASY ECM Suite Cloud also improves customer retention. It allows even the temporary requirements of customers to be catered for. And, who knows: Maybe today’s start-up that opts for the on-demand solution will become the corporation of tomorrow, which prefers the on-premise solution.