Does EASY suit my needs?

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It goes without saying that we try to make the solutions by EASY SOFTWARE AG suitable for all customers, whatever their size, in all industries and for all conceivable scenarios. But we are realistic enough to know that EASY solutions cannot always be a perfect fit. And they don’t have to be. The reasons for this are wide-ranging:


A matter of taste

Not everyone enjoys the same foods or likes the same things. There will always be decision-makers who simply do not like the solutions from Mülheim. And just as I prefer a good rump steak to spinach, I do not need to discuss this with a vegetarian. Each according to taste – or as the French say: “chacun à son goût”.


Financial options

Highly developed software for, at times, business-critical applications is not a discount item. Customers expect the highest quality, sophisticated features and a partner, who will continue to develop the solutions and who is there should problems arise. And so, just as cars made by manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW and Audi do not suit everyone, the same can be said for the solutions from EASY. The British social economist John Ruskin noted back in the 19th century: “The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.”


Everything is different with us

A sentence that advisers know only too well. But perfectly tailored software solutions are generally not available off the shelf. The tailor-made solution is the product of the highly developed standard modules being developed as part of a close co-operation between the customer and the adviser. Then the solution suits the organisation, the processes and the people who work with it.

The fact that we and our partners know how to create individual solutions is proven by the over 12,000 successful installations that we have carried out over the last 25 years – and even more so by the satisfied customers behind these.