The EASY ECM Suite modules, Part 3: Collaboration, files and provision

ECM Suite zusammenarbeit_720

In parts 1 and 2 of this overview to the EASY ECM Suite, the focus was on the capturing, extraction, workflow feed-in and archiving modules, as well as on the EASY View, EASY Discovery and Dashboards tools, and on the EASY Applications. The key topics of collaboration, files and provision remain for the EASY ECM Suite. And EASY has done something special here too.


Cross-divisional collaboration function

In today’s world of business, collaboration is one of the most important demands by the market. Teams of people from different parts of the business predominantly work together; often across locations or even time zones. The EASY ECM Suite comes with numerous features to make this collaboration easier. From the shared editing of documents, files and archives, to searching for and providing information, to incorporating email systems. And everything works seamlessly. Why? Because the strategic focus of the EASY ECM Suite – “One Function, One Solution” – radically reduces the number of applications and interfaces; and allows for their seamless integration.


Less work with digital files

Even though a fully automated workflow with a digital archive and extensive search and collaboration options mean that “files” are no longer really required, people like to work with familiar structures. As such, EASY has integrated extensive file management features into the new client. This considerably reduces the amount of consultancy, installation and customisation required in file projects, and helps to keep project run times to a minimum.


New supply models

Collaboration is not the only trend for which the EASY ECM Suite has the answer. Alongside a proven licence purchasing model (on-premise), the EASY ECM Suite also supports flexible invoicing and supply models. Pay-per-use, on-demand versus on-premise, ECM from the Cloud, a flexible licence management – these are all topics that are currently in progress.

More details will be available in a separate article soon.