The EASY ECM Suite modules, Part 2: EASY View, EASY Discovery, Dashboard and EASY Applications

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Part 1 of the overview of the EASY ECM Suite modules covered the modules for capturing, extraction, workflow feed-in and archiving. Aside from these extremely important functions, there are additional modules that ensure a clear increase in efficiency and make your work noticeably easier. Thus, the EASY ECM Suite provides an extremely powerful viewer, a new search module and a dashboard for a better overview and simplified reporting. Finally, EASY integrates the new EASY Applications and, in doing so, provides a channel for incorporating and distributing further applications.


Rendering: EASY View

Greater speed, extremely realistic and excellent fidelity, uniform viewing for all systems, and a PDF export from all platforms: EASY View can do it all. This tool displays filed documents in the shortest time and in excellent quality. It supports over 300 file formats – including “exotic” formats alongside all standard file formats from Office, the business world and the internet.


A better overview: EASY Discovery

The EASY ECM Suite uses EASY Discovery as its enterprise search solution. EASY Discovery is able to incorporate and display the most wide-ranging internal and external sources of information. Without leaving the client, documents from the archive or the DMS can be presented alongside information from emails, CRM or ERP systems. External information sources from business channels, such as XING, LinkedIn or internet searches, are also integrated seamlessly. EASY Discovery provides all of this information in real time; makes access to the information easier; expands the basis for decision-making; all the while whilst helping you to maintain an overview.


A better perspective: The Dashboard

What EASY Discovery does for information procurement and representation; the Dashboard functions do for the preparation and interpretation of the most varied data. The module is the central instance for the preparation and clear depiction of information from the widest sources. With Dashboards, you can keep all of the key information and evaluations to hand – as you require and at the touch of a button.


EASY Applications: Business knowledge included

EASY Applications bundle together standardised and simplified solutions for business processes. The following applies: All applications and tools that you can find here have been proven to be easy to integrate and distribute. The tried-and-tested EASY CONTRACT supports companies in managing their contracts and deadlines efficiently. EASY INVOICE optimises the existing purchase invoice process, and EASY RECORDS for HR is the solution for digital personnel files, applicant and talent management. Further technical applications based on EASY Applications are in the pipeline.