Audit-proof archiving in Microsoft Cloud? A case for EASY.

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We recently announced that Microsoft is to adopt the international standard for data protection in the Cloud. Microsoft assures that this step will make a key contribution to companies retaining control of their data. By adhering to the standard, the corporation is ensuring that personally identifiable information can only be processed in line with the procedures approved by the customer.

But questions remain; for example, how can a Microsoft customer store their data in the Cloud in an audit-proof way? Essentially, Microsoft stores the data at several places in two different data-processing centres; in other words in a georedundant way. As such, no back-ups are required to restore the data should it be lost.

However, as soon as you want to restore historical datasets, you need an archiving solution in addition to the Microsoft Cloud service. And so we come back to EASY: The document management and archiving solutions from EASY SOFTWARE AG take this situation into account and, as such, are not just suitable for Word documents, emails, Excel tables and PowerPoint presentations; but also work seamlessly with other Office and server applications from Microsoft.

From the very beginning, EASY SOFTWARE AG has placed emphasis on developing archiving and document management solutions for the Microsoft environment, which make a key contribution to the secure and targeted flow of information within companies. In addition, the close strategic partnership with Microsoft ensures that EASY can also provide the best support for the technological platforms like SQL, Windows or Exchange servers at all times – EASY for SHAREPOINT, the archive integration for the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is just one example of this.

In short: The archiving solutions from EASY ensure an audit-proof restoration of historical data, both within and outside of the Microsoft Cloud. You can find out more about our solutions for Microsoft >here<.