Digitalisation in human resources is on the march

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Digitalisation is leading to new processes in human resources too. Its effects are particularly noticeable when it comes to recruitment. This is the conclusion of Recruiting Trends 2015, which was conducted by the job portal Monster in conjunction with the Centre of Human Resources Information Systems (Chris) at the University of Bamberg as part of the study of the same name.


The figures are clear. Companies announce ninety percent of all vacancies on their websites; seventy percent of companies also use online job portals. Social media is also playing an increasing role.


Paper applications going out of fashion

A new way of thinking is, therefore, taking hold – and this is also reflected in the management of applicants. 72.3 percent of HR workers prefer online applications; 22.2 prefer applications by email. The new application channels have completely marginalised classic paper applications – at least in terms of the preference of HR workers: Only one in every twenty HR worker still wants to open envelopes and hold an application in their hands. The preferences of HR managers differ here from the applicants themselves: Only one in every two applicants wants to use a standard form. A good 37 percent want to apply by email, and 13.6 percent still feel best represented by the good old paper application.


Added benefits from digital applications

The reason is obvious. The applicant sees the application folder as the most valuable option: it looks good but for HR workers it involves too much additional work. HR departments have no use for the paper printouts; instead they mean more work in terms of reading, sorting, passing on to someone else and, not least, returning or destroying the paperwork. A solution like the digital personnel files from EASY also brings additional benefits: The master data of the applicant can be automatically transferred into the new personnel record. The system also takes care of adhering to return or destruction deadlines; thus effectively reducing legal risks.


You can find the complete “Recruiting Trends 2015” study (german language) here.