One function – one solution: The new EASY ECM Suite cleans up

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A complex portfolio with lots of solutions and clients demonstrates versatility. However, in the world of business and project management, it also makes everything more complicated. For example, when it comes to installation procedures and administration. On the other hand, the new EASY ECM Suite makes a strategic promise: one function, one solution. It defines an individual solution for each relevant ECM process – from logging to rendering to archiving. It encompasses twelve modules in total, all of which have been designed to fit together perfectly.


Optimal workflows

EASY ENTERPRISE.x is the archive. The DMS application EASY DOCUMENTS 5 guarantees an optimal workflow – it is mobile-compatible and offers improved usability, more efficient interfaces and simplified administration tools. With EASY Capture, module three represents a high-performance application for the processing of documents from all input channels. Meanwhile, EASY CAPTURE PLUS is responsible for the classification, extraction and automatic feed-in of data into the workflow.


Easy searching, professional reporting

Needless to say, a high-performance ECM Suite also needs a central rendering solution. EASY View is this solution – it can master over 300 data formats. Enterprise Search also deserves a mention: EASY has named EASY Discovery as the core application for the portfolio here; the successor to Spotlight. EASY Discovery manages even the most wide-ranging internal and external sources context-intensively. Dashboards complement the application as the reporting headquarters.



Finally, the EASY Applications module bundles together applications that were previously known as Solution Packages: EASY CONTRACT 3, EASY INVOICE 3 and EASY personnel files 3. The latter contains EASY RECORDS for HR, applicant and talent management.


Comprehensive features; new invoice models

Collaboration is becoming more and more important, and affects almost all business processes. As such, there is not one single application for collaboration; instead, EASY has integrated intelligent collaboration tools into all of the modules. EASY has also given its ECM Suite a client for the fast creation of files. Finally, there are also new features in terms of invoice models: For, alongside the earlier on-premise models, EASY will now be relying on the Cloud and is offering on-demand invoice models for the first time.

Twelve modules – one mission: a slimline, scalable and high-performance portfolio for the greatest efficiency and transparency in every document workflow – welcome to the new EASY ECM Suite.