Location factor: EASY supports broadband rollout

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Although the Broadband Atlas lists Mülheim in North Rhine-Westphalia as one of the towns with the best broadband provision in the state, many local businesses have been complaining about poor broadband provision.


Geographical differences

Besides the differences in the connection quality between the urban and rural areas, there are also clear differences between the commercial areas. As a result, the Mülheim business promotion department has launched a survey into broadband provision. Companies have been asked to rate their network provision and its impact on their business.


Need identified

There is a clear need for improvement: “Excellent internet access is surely one of the most important location factors for your company too. Basic internet provision in Mülheim is well-established at 3 Mbit/s and has an availability of around 98%. For many people, this speed is, however, insufficient, as considerably more bandwidth is required for internet use nowadays”, stated the survey, in which EASY SOFTWARE AG also participated.


EASY is well provided for

“EASY SOFTWARE AG is not affected by a poor supply. However, if we can help with the provision of information with our data and information and thus strengthen Mülheim as a business location then we are happy to help”, said Daniel Kalwitzki, CIO at EASY.

There is a lack of information within the Mülheim urban area about both the currently available broadband network and the planned rollout, as well as about the actual internet access in the individual districts and commercial areas. Alongside a market research campaign for the network providers, the Mülheim business promotion department has therefore also been asking for information from businesses in Mülheim.