ECM Suite: EASY View whets the appetite for more

easy views

Successful first day; appetite duly whetted! In mid-February we presented the first module of the EASY ECM Suite, EASY View Plus, to our partners. This extension to EASY View lends the EASY ECM Suite an impressive performance thanks to the new technology. Over 100 partners were convinced of this during the EASY webcast. It was a great response, and one which impressively demonstrated the great interest in the EASY ECM Suite.

As such, the motto of the webcast “The best perspective with EASY View” could be taken literally, both for customers and partners of EASY SOFTWARE AG. In the future, this module will offer greater stability, http streaming, multi-threading, ability to cluster, load balancing, caching and the most powerful rendering application currently available on the market.

And should we have whetted your appetite too: You can find more information about the EASY ECM Suite over the next few weeks, both in this newsletter and on the EASY blog.