IT: Companies feel more secure than they are

On 10th February, the 16th Safer Internet Day took place. This year’s motto: “Let’s create a better internet together”. The aim: To put the topics of data security and cyber security on the agenda and to sensitise users to the issues.


Contradictory figures

Cyber security is actually a continuous battle – these are the findings of the 2015 Cisco Annual Security Report. It describes the latest trends in cyber security and in the IT security of businesses. The result is not especially reassuring: 90 percent of those responsible for security assume that their security measures are sufficient. Three quarters even deem them to be very or even extremely effective. But, only 40 percent of these people actually update their systems regularly. The others are seemingly not as precise with their updates. Similarly astonishing: Only one in every ten users of Internet Explorer uses the latest version.


Attacks are becoming more difficult to detect

It is easy to imagine that many companies have not even discovered that they have been infiltrated. After all, attacks are now often extremely difficult to detect – one reason for this is that Flash malware works together with JavaScript to disguise its activities. And this fact makes it even more incomprehensible that companies do not carry out critical updates or regularly check their systems.


The Cloud demands more security measures

This attitude has to change – not least because the use of the Cloud makes effective security mechanisms and routines even more vital. Unfortunately, the recently published State of Resilience Report, which surveyed some 3,000 decision-makers worldwide, points to a lack of awareness with regard security. Just less than one third of participants carry out measures to guarantee the high availability or the disaster recovery of the data hosted in the Cloud.


Hope springs eternal…

Maybe the findings will be somewhat more positive by the time the next Safer Internet Day comes around. We can but hope!