EASY customer reference reports – a classic win-win situation


It is not without good reason that EASY SOFTWARE AG celebrated the 12,000th customer installation a few weeks ago. EASY offers efficient solutions – and references – across almost all industries. And if you would like to, your company could become one of these references, too.

It is good to have satisfied customers. And it’s even better if they are prepared to give feedback on their positive experiences and to recommend our solutions to others. Especially as customer reference reports generally benefit all those involved, assuming that they are put together in a proper and professional way of course.

Because we all know that nothing is more effective and authentic than a recommendation from a reliable source or from a customer’s point of view, from a specific industry. At EASY, we are happy to show you what we can do. But you can benefit from our customer reference reports as well, for example:

  • By showcasing your own skills and power of innovation
  • By attracting interest in your company through specific reference links
  • By raising the number of hits on your website with high probability

The result is a classic win-win situation, especially as in the future, we shall be giving customer reference reports a particularly prominent and attractive location on our website at easy.de. More details will follow soon.

Interested in taking part? Great! Then please get in touch with your personal contact person at EASY or use our contact form.