EASY SOFTWARE logo illumination is on again

EASY bei Nacht_ret_720x400

© Alexander Maier

As of January 2015, it’s “Lights on” again for EASY SOFTWARE. The specialist in electronic document management, digital archiving and workflow has recently switched on again its illuminable corporate logo on top of the roof of its Mülheim headquarters building.


1,400 LEDs for illumination

Some 1,400 LEDs now ensure that the logo of the company headquarters building, which is about 16 meters long and 1.5 meters high and popularly also known as the “EASY Tower”, shines above the roofs of Mülheim in the company’s unmistakable blue letters. In the future, a timer will ensure that turning on and off the illumination of the logo is flexible, matching seasonal requirements.


On-site truck crane

It took a specialist company only a single day to install the complete technology and letters, the latter having been reproduced. The use of a truck crane ensured that all materials required for this operation were easily lifted to the top of the building at Am Hauptbahnhof 4, which is about 25 meters high.


A visual landmark

The EASY logo is not just a visual landmark for Mülheim and surroundings, at the same time its relaunch symbolizes to the outside world something of the company’s intra-corporate dynamics. EASY is currently undergoing an important phase of reorientation. This includes, among others, the company’s clear commitment to its role as a software manufacturer, as well as the challenge of optimizing existing solutions and developing new, innovative products and services.




Delivering on its promise

In a perfectly timed statement, Willy Cremers, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE, already announced as part of the EASY World event in September 2014 that EASY would again be more visible to the outside world. The logo illumination that is now in operation has literally turned that announcement into luminescent reality.