Partner Information Day: A clear commitment to EASY


Lots of new information, specific schedules, active exchange of information, and delicious curry sausage have turned the EASY Partner Information Day event into a full success. To a packed audience – the EASY headquarters building in Mülheim an der Ruhr was able to offer space for 80 guests – and numerous “virtual” participants following the live event on the Internet using stream, EASY SOFTWARE offered its partners previews of its plans for 2015 and beyond, as well as the opportunity for direct exchange of information.

Opened by EASY CEO Willy Cremers and moderated by Carsten Werner, head of Partner Sales, the event focused, most of all, on the EASY ECM Suite, the “Go to market” topic, and the ECM Suite Cloud. There was widespread agreement that upcoming solutions must offer, above all, high usability and practical usefulness. A particularly nice feature in this context was the clear commitment by the partners present at the event to the solutions shown by EASY SOFTWARE. Lunch offered partners and EASY employees the opportunity to enjoy a part of the new EASY company values, perhaps in its most appealing form, because it literally said: “Curried sausage not Sushi” (referring to EASY’s down-to-earth approach).