EASY View: more efficient multireader

EASY View_720

With EASY View, EASY SOFTWARE AG provides a tool for the high-performance and accurately portrayed representation of documents of various formats. The conversion of the formats with this product does not take place on the client but rather on a server. The advantage: the installation of additional software on the client is not required. Apart from the increased operational efficiency, significant savings potential may result from this (e.g. in the area of licence fees). On the other hand the processing and maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum.

The high performance level of the document conversion into defined file types, e.g. PDF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF, provides a further highlight. This conversion is now possible for more than 300 different file formats. In addition, documents can be conveniently printed and resized with EASY View. The quick and easy representation of the contents increases the efficiency and thus ultimately the user-friendliness of EASY View.

Another added value lies in the high imaging fidelity, which leads to greater security when dealing with EASY View and makes simple navigation possible.