Audit-proof EASY solutions

As a software manufacturer for document management, archiving, ECM and workflows, we attach great importance to providing you with solutions which produce correct and audit-proof accounting records. Furthermore you profit from the transparent and secure business processes provided for you. Consequently EASY has its software tested again and again by independent auditors.


transparente Geschaeftsprozesse


So, for example, KPMG has accordingly certified EASY ENTERPRISE.x. KPMG reached the conclusion that EASY ENTERPRISE.x, including its additional components, “ensures the orderly transformation of information required for retention”.

In the subsequent versions of EASY ENTERPRISE.x and its additional components EASY SOFTWARE AG has produced a large number of improvements and functional extensions. These changes do not explicitly affect the core processes of the audit-proof recording and the archiving of documents. Thus the statements in the report remain fully applicable also to future versions up to and including the current releases of EASY ENTERPRISE.x and its additional components.

Since in this respect the relevant functionalities are based upon EASY ENTERPRISE.x, EASY CAPTURE PLUS and EASY for EXCHANGE may also apply as audit-proof. All these EASY solutions meet in every respect the legal requirements with regard to audit-proof archiving, DMS and ECM products. The provisions of the German tax and commercial law (HGB (German Commercial Code), AO (Regulation of Taxation), UstG (Turnover Tax Act), GoBS (Computer Based Accounting Systems), GDPdU (Principles Of Data Access and Auditability of Digital Documents), and GoBD (Principles of Orderly Accounting)) are fully observed and complied with, as are the relevant data protection regulations (BDSG).

This means for you: with EASY solutions you can work securely and fully comply with the legal requirements.