CeBIT: Potential new standards for exchanging electronic invoices

Since the German Tax Simplification Act (Steuervereinfachungsgesetz) has been allowing omission of the digital signature for electronically transmitted invoices (e.g. via e-mail), BITKOM, a member of the Forum elektronische Rechnung Deutschland (FeRD), and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung (AWV), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economy, have been working out a uniform format for e-Invoicing: “ZUGFeRD”. This is to ensure that digital invoice management can extract all required data directly from electronic invoices without resorting to the indirect OCR method in order to be able to synchronize, check, feed the data into follow-up processes, and store it in a revision-proof manner. This presumably new standard uses PDF/A 3 format, working with embedded XML files from which digital invoice processing extracts all relevant data.
As a member of BITKOM, EASY SOFTWARE has closely followed this development in the project group FakturaBase. Consequently, the company is one of the first providers in digital document management to showcase the potential standard of the future in a prototype at CeBIT. For this purpose, the market leader integrated this with its software solution for electronic invoice capturing, EASY INVOCIE 3.0. “This topic is an extremely important one to enterprises”, says Andreas C. Nowottka, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE AG. “After all, this affects about two billion invoices per year in Germany alone”, adds Mr. Nowottka, who is also CEO in BITKOM’s area of competence ECM.
Announcing more innovations
In addition to this prototype, EASY SOFTWARE has many other solutions in its tradeshow package. Covering an area of about 2,475 square feet, it introduces a new solution for knowledge management in enterprises to visitors of its booth: EASY iBOX. The Enterprise Search application scours all digital resources of an enterprise for relevant information. It links, indexes and categorizes it fully automatically, helping to tap even information sources that are difficult to access.
In addition, EASY provides previews of the solutions EASY CONTRACT (for optimal contract management) and EASY RECORDS for HR (the digital Personnel File). Both solutions support users, among others, in keeping deadlines, revision-proof storage, and more efficient formulation of their daily worker processes.
EASY SOFTWARE at CeBIT 2013: Hall 3, Booth H 18

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