EASY CAPTURE PLUS: Smart document capturing has never been that easy

Scan, capture, and print – directly to the archive or a workflow
EASY CAPTURE PLUS is the standard solution for capturing and extracting records and documents, with best integration into the ECM solutions from EASY. The software supports both efficient capturing of paper documents and capturing from Microsoft Office applications or processing print outputs.
Picture Smart DocumentThis makes EASY CAPTURE PLUS the perfect solution to enable fast and user¬-friendly document cap¬ture in a variety of document-based processes in your organization. These documents will be immediately available for further processing in document management, workflow management or the archive after they have been captured and classified. EASY CAPTURE PLUS supports capturing documents in a uniform user interface regardless of their origin. Here, it does not matter whether you want to simply scan or capture paper documents, or whether documents are to be easily passed to an EASY ECM solution from Microsoft Office or a file system, or whether documents must be archived from a print stream.
Centralized, server-based processing ensures fast document capture, categorization, and indexing. Moreover, the integrated transaction management feature and the integrated, Web-based monitoring tools facilitate end-to-end processing and high process transparency.
EASY CAPTURE PLUS is now available. For more information on how to increase your efficiency and make your document capturing process easier using EASY CAPTURE PLUS, visit www.easy.de.

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