A special Austrian EASY customer

An interview with Mayor Josef Leimer
Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria): Can you tell us, Mr. Mayor, why you selected EASY ARCHIVE for your community’s municipal office?

Mayor Leimer: The mountains of files in the community’s municipal office were ever increasing; retrieving documents and, with it, efficient work was becoming ever more difficult. Functionality and operating principle of the EASY software were convincing factors for us on being demonstrated
the product, so we selected to cooperate with Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria).
Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria): Do you also use EASY ARCHIVE yourself, Mr. Mayor?

Picture Austrian CostumerMayor Leimer: Sure, in my position as Mayor I, too, am fully included in the electronic accounting process: I sign the payment orders via EASY, which is a great advantage over the paperwork which, fortunately, has become a thing of the
Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria): What are your expectations for the future use of EASY ARCHIVE?

Mayor Leimer: EASY ARCHIVE will enable us to work in an even more structured and more people-oriented manner. Being able to retrieve documents within minutes, to quickly establish relationships, no more mountains of files – all these are invaluable advantages that are vital to modern and customer-oriented administration.

Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria): Dear Mr. Mayor, many thanks for this interview. Keep enjoying your work with EASY ARCHIVE!

Gemdat OÖ (Upper Austria) would like to thank the municipal office of the community of Helpfau-Uttendorf for being its 150th EASY customer.

EASY makes it possible!
Facts and figures:

Area: 26.4 sq. km. (9.5 sq. mi.)
Population (2011): 3,370
Altitude: 414 m (1,358 ft.)
Buildings: 1,069
Households: 1,287
Cadastral communities: Helpfau, Uttendorf, Kager, St. Florian

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