EASY DOCUMENTS 4.0 – A platform for all processes

DOCUMENTS 4 combines state-of-the-art document management, flexible content management and easy-to-implement workflow management into a platform for optimizing a variety of enterprise processes. The redesigned, integrated and full text based archive system “DOCUMENTS Archive” ensures revision-proof archiving of all documents and processes.

Thus, EASY DOCUMENTS 4 is the ideal solution to make a variety of document-based processes in enterprises easier, safer and more efficient. Processing times are reduced, and expensive as well as time-consuming pr¬ocessing and forwarding of paper-bound files can finally be consigned to history. Location-independent, Web-based access and intuitive use facilitate fast and accurate processing by users. Support of mobile phones (smartphones, tablets, etc.) allows viewing files or management shares nearly independent of location and time. Detailed permissio¬ns ensure, at any time, that only authorized employees may view or process business functions and documents.

EASY DOCUMENTS 4.0 allows efficient control of various business processes, such as rule-based purchase invoice processing or Inbox processing, so all information is allocated to the correct contact persons and business functions. The integrated workflow management function ensures, e.g. through absence management, that enterprise-critical processes are processed in the scheduled time. Thanks to resubmissions and reminder functionalities, unprocessed documents have become a thing of the past.

EASY DOCUMENTS 4.0 is now available.

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