More room for expansion: impuls Finanzmanagement AG selects EASY ENTERP

impuls Finanzmanagement AG will be able to relinquish 235 yards of metal filing cabinets after electronic document capturing via EASY CAPTURE. This fast expanding insurance and financial service provider archives and manages its customer and contract data in digitized form, using EASY ENTERPRISE.x. The e-mail archiving solution EASY xBASE ensures additional optimization of their business processes. So impuls not only saves physical archival space and bare cash at the same time, it benefits from a significant gain in productivity.

Headquartered in Gersthofen, Germany, impuls Finanzmanagement is the largest private health insurance broker. Established 23 years ago, the company specializes in selling private health insurance including the complete private health insurance and supplementary private health insurance sectors. For this venture, proposals from up to 40 different insurance companies are compared in more than 16,000 rate versions. The customer’s situation is analyzed and an attempt is made to find out pricing and service advantages. Once a customer selects one of these solutions, impuls will handle everything from contracts to taking on services covering the entire contract period.
impuls Finanzmanagement AG is a market leader in brokering private health insurances. In 2005 alone, more than 20,000 people selected private health insurance after consulting and brokering services provided by impuls AG. In the sector of supplementary private health insurance, impuls Finanzmanagement is the only broker in Germany that cooperates with the government health insurance firm: BIG – Die Direktkrankenkasse.
The second part of impuls AG’s business is selling traditional insurance products for retirement – funds-bound retirement and life insurances as well as capitalized annuity and capital sum-life policies. In addition to the retirement policies, they offer personal insurances such as occupational disability insurance, provisions for severe maladies, credit life insurance, and accident insurance. Employee pension programs are also an expanding market for their company. Here impuls provides consulting for midsize businesses as well as individuals.

235 yards of filing cabinets

impuls Finanzmanagement AG has a German national sales and distribution channel made up of 31 branch offices and approximately 500 sales partners brokering exclusively for impuls and specializing in all the insurance sectors mentioned above. In February 2007, impuls Finanzmanagement AG was awarded “Top German Employers”; an award focusing on employees and rating the quality of their workplace.

impuls AG’s corporate achievements include the title of “Bavaria’s Top 50” by the Bavarian Department of Trade and Industry in  2005 and 2006. This prize is awarded in honor of businesses with an exceptional expansion rate and an above-average increase in both sales and the number of employees.
And impuls keeps expanding. New construction has already begun in the industrial estate of Gersthofen to provide more office space required for administration and office work. The insurance holder files were stored in sheet metal cabinets; initially, in various offices, and then in the underground garage. Subsequently, the office space of a renowned discount food chain that impuls had purchased on the spot was vacated, and used as the central archive.
This kept eight employees busy every day just sorting, copying and managing papers, files and documents. The former sales room was soon filled with 235 yards of filing cabinets -  nine rows of 17 cabinets each holding the complete files of 600 insurance holders – with 2-3 cabinets added every month.
Markus Humberg, CEO at impuls systems GmbH, still remembers the past situation with visible unease: “Since we naturally assumed that our expansion would continue, we could be sure to completely fill the former supermarket branch room with our filing cabinets during 2007, although we had optimized our own organization as much as possible up to that time. There simply wasn’t any more space available and we had to do something about it.”

Cross-platform capability is the decisive factor

To dispose of its rooms of overflowing filing cabinets and folders, a complete electronic solution was exactly what they were looking for. So Mr. Humberg took the next opportunity to obtain an extensive market overview by visiting DMS Expo 2005.
He was looking for solutions to scan, archive and manage documents. First, Mr. Humberg collected information about a suitable scanner solution from Fujitsu Siemens. They recommended the document management system from EASY SOFTWARE. “After the first couple of discussions at the EASY booth it became clear to me that the Mülheim-based company was able to provide the solution I was looking for,” recalls Mr. Humberg. “What struck me positively was that it doesn’t matter under which application the Archive and DMS Server EASY ENTERPRISE.x should run.  This was extremely important to us, because we partially run our own developed software in the Management, Commission, Accounts Settlement and Customer Portal departments.”
So impuls Finanzmanagement eventually selected EASY CAPTURE for capturing its customer and contract data fully electronically, archiving and managing it only digitally using EASY ENTERPRISE.x.  The powerful scanner solution EASY CAPTURE now captures up to 15,000 pages every day since the project went into productive mode, storing them in the archive.  Some one and a half million pages are still waiting to be archived.

Employees can retrieve their mail messages

After impuls Finanzmanagement was very satisfied with the implementation and the solution to their “file problem”, Mr. Humberg initiated another project in which EASY ENTERPRISE was able to contribute toward process optimization.  The insurance and financial services provider receives many of its customer contracts as fax messages, which are forwarded electronically to the respective user via Exchange through impuls’ own workflow.  Given the tremendous increase in the number of documents to be stored, it came as no surprise the two existing Exchange Servers were on the verge of collapse, and that backing up data took about 16 hours. So this also required some action.
After linking the relevant impuls mailboxes to EASY xBASE, the server-based solution for e-mail archiving under Microsoft Outlook / Microsoft Exchange, the same data backup process only takes about three hours.  This is, among other reasons, because the Exchange Server’s database is only about 100 GB in size compared to its previous size of 500 GB. However, Mr. Humberg has other reasons for being convinced of the EASY solution for e-mail archiving. “EASY xBASE implementation was absolutely quiet and without any trouble – within a few days, in operational mode. But the best thing is that our employees can finally retrieve their e-mail messages.”

For the customer – both software and consulting are really “EASY”

impuls Finanzmanagement has been using EASY ENTERPRISE.x for a year now, and EASY xBASE for about six months.  In addition to the gains in office space, the business enjoys the benefits of further enhanced processes in a technologically progressive document management solution.
“The software is really so “EASY” that it integrates seamlessly with our existing structures. We’ve become competent after ten days of training and are now able to link EASY ENTERPRISE.x to other applications ourselves.  And the fact that EASY not just sees the customer in us but also a partner is illustrated in that EASY does not retreat when I ask a question. My ‘personal’ EASY contact persons are simply always available.”
Mr. Humberg has already started the next EASY projects for impuls AG.  Besides setting up decentralized access to EASY archives for its subsidiaries and branch offices, transparent file server archiving using EASY xSTORE should ensure that impuls Finanzmanagement AG can continue to expand unimpeded.

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