Successful event in Turkey: Again, good results for EASY at CeBIT in Istanbul

It was within a few years that CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia in Istanbul became one of the largest trade shows for information and communications technology throughout the world.  In 2008, the German DMS market-leader EASY SOFTWARE AG participated for the second time at the Istanbul trade show.  Following the good 2007 launch, this year’s results were even more gratifying.

Interest in document management has significantly increased

“We have every reason to be satisfied with this year’s trade show CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia,” explains Stefan Dau, Manager, International Sales at EASY SOFTWARE AG. “In addition to the good contacts – new ones and deepened existing ones – we are particularly delighted that this event has become even more international as compared to the previous year. Word has got around about the quality of the trade show and its participating exhibitors.” In addition to this, the increased interest in the document management issue was distinctly observable.  “Whereas visitors’ questions in 2007 were rather of a general kind, we noticed this year that prospects now have distinct technical knowledge,” says Stefan Dau.

EASY SOFTWARE AG much sought after as a partner

Juan Tuzon, Sales Manager International Sales, also underscores the international flavor of the event: “Visitors to our booth were not just from Turkey and its neighboring countries Azerbaijan and Bulgaria. We also had prospect enquiries from countries such as Rumania, Israel, Egypt, the Netherlands, and even the United States. The top issue is and remains e-mail archiving with EASY xBASE and Lotus Notes, followed by simple archive solutions and integration with existing systems such as SAP and others. In addition, the response from organizations which, themselves providers of separate ERP solutions, can perceive of collaboration with EASY SOFTWARE AG to enhance their product suite, was positive throughout,” concludes Juan Tuzon.

Visitors’ requirements have become more precise

“Linkage to SAP, Notes, and local ERP systems was also an important issue in 2008,” says Abdullah Yildirim, Technical Manager International Sales, in agreement with his colleagues. He adds: “A number of visitors approached us with precise project requirements, specifically for e-mail archiving and scanning paper documents.” Moreover, current developments in Turkish legislation encouraged the positive mood in the market. “As part of EU adjustments, e-mail archiving in Turkey will become mandatory by law. Soon this will also apply to other documents, particularly in public administrations. Resulting from this, interest in this segment of our range is very high. We’ve already made contact to various agencies and public institutions such as municipal administrations and suppliers with a strong interest in digitizing their documents, and accessing them via the Web, as well as document management in general,” comments Abdullah Yildirim.

EASY’s Turkish partner is also satisfied

EASY’s Turkish partner Softay also presented itself at the EASY booth. CEO Süreyya Ecevit detected a special advantage in the booth’s professional visual appearance. He said: “The booth’s perfect and visual construction drew visitors, leaving a sustained impression with them. With its right decision to be present at CeBIT Bilisim Eurasia and the good results achieved here, EASY has set a clear example, and set itself positively off against other German providers. With its presence in Istanbul, EASY SOFTWARE AG has taken another crucial step in successful internationalization.”

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