New online partner search – EASY offers prospects and partners another high-quality added value service

“We are happy to be able to offer prospects and partners this additional precious added value,” explains Christoph Köhne, head of EASY Partner Port. He adds: “From now on, prospects will be able to not only find the EASY partner that perfectly meets their organization’s requirements; by entering their zip code, they can also determine the distances to our partner companies. They will always access the latest partner information because we constantly keep the system’s database up-to-date,” comments Christoph Köhne.

Always get the latest information through constant updates

Carsten Werner, Partner Development Manager at EASY, is also convinced of the qualities of this new search tool. “This enables our prospects to quickly find the perfect partner to implement their individual solution,” he explains.  “Moreover, as part of our online search, the option for obtaining accurate information about our partners’ competencies is now available to them. The quality guarantee that we gave our customers through our new partner certification program has been kept.”

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