EASY SOFTWARE provides fastest SAP archiving solution in the world

As part of the SAP certification program, the SAP ContentServer interface from EASY SOFTWARE has passed the tests again very successfully. As part of the current check, EASY SOFTWARE has not only passed all tests in the “Archive Link Certification”, “Load Test Certification”, and “Ready for Solution Manager Test” fields with flying colors, it also provides the fastest SAP archiving solution in the world: at a rate of 823,000 documents per hour, EASY ENTERPRISE.x is far superior to all competitors’ solutions in SAP archiving.

The Walldorf-based company performs extensive routine load tests on archive systems. Certification was performed on the Windows 2003 Server/SQL Server and AIX/Oracle platforms. In this connection, system performance is checked in addition to functional base capability.
EASY ENTERPRISE.x has been designed for production-volume data and high throughput rates. The current check performed by SAP has shown that EASY ENTERPRISE.x fully qualifies for being the leading document management solution technology throughout the world. During the load tests, the amount of documents stored in an hour nearly doubled, and other test results also produced significant improvements. Special care was taken in all tests to ensure that standard industry hardware was used instead of extremely cost-intensive hardware.
“This is impressive proof that EASY SOFTWARE is a world leader in the SAP archiving environment”, says Dr. Torsten Engers, head of EASY Product Management, commenting on the SAP test results. Understandably, Daniel Redanz, head of Development, is also very satisfied:  “This result is a wonderful confirmation of our efforts. It is also an incentive to continue our product development in this direction, that is, to constantly keep our products state-of-the-art and, in addition, to be the market’s driving force for innovation.”

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