EASY highly satisfied with exclusive event for its certified partners

The organizers of the exclusive event for certified EASY SOFTWARE partners held on May 6, 2008 had expected about 100 conference participants. However, the venue was actually so thronged with people that additional seats had to be put in the auditorium.  In the first class ambience offered by Hotel InterContinental in Düsseldorf, Germany, EASY partners were given exclusive previews of new upcoming products from EASY SOFTWARE.

“The number of attendees by far exceeded our expectations”, said EASY CEO Andreas C. Nowottka, speaking to the auditorium before the actual conference had begun.  In fact, there were eventually some 130 participants assembling in Hotel InterContinental in Düsseldorf to get up-to-date information about EASY products through various EASY SOFTWARE presentations.

“Synergy through innovation.”

In his remarks, Andreas C. Nowottka emphasized how important collaboration with its partners really is to EASY: “Synergy through innovation. Excellence through collaboration” – this is the declared goal of EASY SOFTWARE AG for the future. Thus, 2008 will see various events to explore new and more efficient paths to shared success in the market.

Intensive development of partner management

The event was dominated by two topics: the new partner management program, and the new sales@vision multi-media sales package from EASY SOFTWARE. Christoph Köhne, head of EASY PartnerPort, and Carsten Werner, Partner Manager, presented the new Internet platform for certified partners that will allow each partner enterprise to provide detailed corporate presentation, and to present itself to prospects in an appropriate manner. Specific search functions enable prospective customers to find the EASY partner best suited to meet their individual requirements.

The all-inclusive package for Sales

Joachim Urra, Head of Marketing, and Björn-Martin Winter, Product Manager, presented the sales@vision package that gives the sales representatives of certified EASY partners new and crucial incentives, providing tools for making their presentations appear even more professional and effective. This package will provide every sales representative with all the necessary information about the EASY product suite, including reference footage, product descriptions, technical information, and much more.
Following a coffee break, the discussion began under the maxim of “EASY dialogue”. Partners were given the opportunity to ask questions, which EASY experts answered.  One of the topics discussed in this context was EASY Support, whose head Thomas Becher gave an account of extensive additions in that department in terms of personnel and content.

Ceremony to honor EASY partners

Another highlight of the event included honoring the most successful EASY partners, and certification awards.
Following this, all those involved ended this successful day on the note of a glass of wine and intensive discussions at the buffet. This was already marked by initial positive feedback. It was unanimously agreed that EASY found the right “mix”.

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