DMS 2009: Businesses use optimized processes to be fit for the upturn

Cologne, Germany: Businesses from the most varied of industries invest in optimized business processes to be perfectly fit for the emerging upturn. To gain a competitive edge and be ahead of others when the economy starts booming again, many companies rely on the new EASY DMS solutions which the largest EASY partner, CFT Consulting GmbH, in collaboration with the EASY Competence partners (intex Informations-Systeme GmbH, Docutec AG, F1-innovate GmbH, Globolog GmbH, mdt consulting GmbH and Sysconnex GmbH) presented at DMS Expo in Cologne.

All three tradeshow days saw the crowds constantly thronging around the exhibits that were always in use – a clear sign of the interest in the efficient DMS solutions from EASY SOFTWARE.

Due to the optimized ROI, automated purchase invoice processing via EASY INVOICE, processing (workflow) for approval and release processes via EASY DOCUMENTS, as well as e-mail and digital contract management (EASY xBASE and CONTRACT) were at the center of the interest. These tools were capable of scoring particularly highly with liquidity and deadline management. “This is a burning issue”, said Jürgen Ehard-Kehlenbeck, sales manager at intex. And the visitors didn’t just display a mere interest in this issue, but a burning interest!

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