An easy time in Austria : Successful EASY xSHARE 2007 presentation at MOSS conference in Vienna

As part of the Microsoft Office SharePoint conference in the Austrian capital, EASY SOFTWARE AG successfully presented its latest EASY xSHARE version, the integrated archiving and document management solution based on EASY ENTERPRISE.x for Microsoft SharePoint Server.

With some 400 participants and 25 exhibitors, the event was Austria’s most successful ECM trade conference that included an integrated exhibition. More than 30 trade presentations provided plenty of opportunity for those present to get detailed information on the topic. Lucjan Slowiena and Florian Laumer, who were running the EASY booth, were delighted about the huge number of interested visitors, and about trade visitors generally confirming that the solution had tapped the pulse of the age.

An excellent competitive advantage

“EASY xSHARE has been perfectly integrated into MOSS technology, which gives us an excellent competitive advantage,” explains Florian Laumer, Technical Sales Manager.
Lucjan Slowiena’s conclusion is also positive. He adds:  “EASY met its claim for market leadership. It not only presented trade visitors with a state-of-the-art archiving product for MOSS, it also provided a preview of ongoing innovative product development.”

EASY xSHARE launch: Exclusive presentation for EASY Microsoft partners

Directly prior to the MOSS conference, the latest EASY xSHARE version was presented at Mülheim guildhall as part of an exclusive EASY Microsoft partner event.  Microsoft Technology Consultant Andreas Dreyer personally pointed out market opportunities, describing what collaboration will look like in the future. Moreover, in their presentation, Dr. Ralph Niewiarra and Florian Laumer made intensive reference to the latest component of the EASY product suite.  “The new synergies between EASY direct partners and EASY Microsoft partners will open up a huge market to EASY SOFTWARE AG that can be perfectly serviced,” comments Florian Laumer.

Extensive EASY xSHARE functions are convincing

The presented solution has been convincing with a variety of features:
– Automatic import of content types
– Archiving through a separate Microsoft SharePoint workflow
– Workflow can be used in documents and all list libraries
– References to archived documents
– Easy integration with Microsoft SharePoint Records Center
– Time and type controlled archival of complete library contents
– EASY Search Center facilitates quick access to complete EASY ENTERPRISE inventory data
– Individually tailored view of archive data using archive librariesÂ
– Communication interface to Web Parts from third-party manufacturers offers flexible scope for design
– Separate workflow activities with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer support for optimum use in individual projects
– Deep integration with Microsoft SharePoint administration

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