100 local communities are using the electronic EASY file

Fall 2008 saw Gemdat Oberösterreich (Upper Austria) welcome Marktgemeinde (community) Altmünster as its one hundredth customer in the public sector. Thus, the Traunsee lake area is teeming with EASY users. After Gmunden, Traunkirchen and Ebensee, the Traunsee lake area is completely digitized now that Altmünster has joined.  All versions, from electronic storage through to electronic invoice processing, are included.

This project was started on October 20, 2008.   Marktgemeinde Altmünster set off with the final electronic storage of accounting documents.

The first step, for example, is to submit the invoices as usual for factual and arithmetic verification and instruction as hard copies, and scan them only after this cycle is complete. While scanning them, they are electronically linked via Barcode, using the KIM accounting software. This enables the Accounting staff to display all invoices at the touch of a button, and removes the need for long search times in paper archives.

Further step-by-step extension of the EASY system is scheduled for 2009. The extension of the electronic invoice flow which will then affect the entire department building and all employees is being considered. Thus the invoices will only be processed electronically within the department, and processing times can be radically reduced. This makes the entire invoice flow transparent and quickly executable.

In 2010, the entire department will convert to electronic storage and document management. The target will then be met:  In the internal sector, Altmünster will only use electronic documents and archives; using EDIAKT and eGov, it will be perfectly equipped to meet future demands.

This PR is an excerpt from Gemdat’s GEMPRESS, December 2008 issue.

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