EASY examines and successfully certifies 11 CFT consultants

Since October 30, 2009 CFT has been boasting 11 EE.x employees certified by EASY.

For many years, EASY SOFTWARE AG and CFT Consulting GmbH have been nurturing a successful and close partnership alliance. Throughout Europe, over 1,200 customers and more than 90 partners have now selected EASY software and the excellent CFT service. Each customer has their personal, certified contact person. To live up to this demand, CFT is very keen on training its own employees.

The EASY ENTERPRISE.x certification exam has been running since early 2008, which more than 60 consultants from certified EASY partners have passed successfully. CFT Consulting GmbH of Bobingen (Germany), EASY SOFTWARE’s biggest partner, had the knowledge gained by its employees in the EASY ENTERPRISE.x environment examined by the manufacturer. In doing so, all of the 11 EASY consultants successfully passed the exam. This has turned CFT into the EASY partner with the most tested and certified EASY consultants.

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