The trophy cabinet is filling up fast – EASY ENTERPRISE scoops Compliance Product of the Year 2008 award in UK

Except for the first time, EASY SOFTWARE has always been a winner of the Storrie Awards, which have been held five times.  In the recent past, various EASY solutions have won awards in the United Kingdom. For instance, EASY xBASE won the “E-Mail Product of the Year 2007” award.
This year’s Storries Awards ceremony was held at the Tower Hotel, London. The Storries is where individuals and organisations receive industry wide recognition before an audience of their peers. The winners are elected by the readership of Storage Magazine – the UK’s premier storage magazine. The awards feature 19 categories and previous winners include Computer Associates, Quantum, Veritas, StorageTek, Legato and Hitachi.

EASY UK CEO Andrew Graham was extremely delighted

Andrew Graham is EASY SOFTWARE UK’s CEO and comments, “Compliance factors have made it essential for enterprises to have control over all their documents, making it mandatory to install good document management systems to ensure security, ease of use and ready availability of necessary documents.” Andrew continues, “EASY ENTERPRISE has a positive track record of helping these companies prepare and present documents that comply with all of these regulations and we are delighted that this reputation has been recognition for a Storrie award.”

Compliance – a topic that becomes increasingly essential

“This award is very important to us,” explains Jörg Stappert, EASY International Business Development Manager, Sales division.  “The fact that our products are generally of very high quality is widely known. In this case, we are particularly delighted that the compliance capability of EASY ENTERPRISE has also been appreciated.  In particular, this aspect is of vital importance to international business. With our products and solutions, we are demonstrably capable of performing this feat, and are winning awards,” says Jörg Stappert.

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